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"Trump the Hijab!"

In modern day society there are thousands of different opinions about everything from politics and religion, to hairstyles and fashion. The world of media depends upon these differences, because if not there would not be anything for the media to write and talk about. Nevertheless, some issues that are brought up are more serious than others. Among these issues are the ones concerning things like Islamophobia. The last few years the fear of Islam, and extremism has gotten to an all time high. People are afraid, and they demand that something has to be done about it in order for them to feel safe again. Some people depend upon politicians to get these things done, which we have seen a lot of in the Presidential race this year. Others do not have the trust and patience to wait for politicians to make a change, and therefore they go out into society and create their own laws and rules. How these methods affect the societies that we live in in good or bad ways is something you can find out more about on this website. Are Muslims to be thought of as one homogenous group that are purely dangerous? Or can it be argued that a lot of the fear of Islam is falsely created?

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